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10 Motivation tips for Runners

10 motivation tips for runners

As runners it’s not always easy to get out there running, life gets in the way or we have 101 excuses not to go today, so we need some motivation and I have some tips for that.

Tip number 1 is good running gear or new running gear. If you have comfortable running shoes, the right clothing for the weather you’re running in your experience is going to be better and you are more likely to repeat it. If you have new running gear, like a new shirt, new gloves, whatever it is, it could get you excited to go try it out and get you out there running. So spread out your purchases for new gear to keep getting you motivated.

Tip number 2 have a goal in mind. This can be a race that you’re training for, a certain distance you want to be able to run or it could be a health or weight loss goal. Whatever it is set a goal and a timeline for when you want to have achieved your goal. Write it down somewhere where it will remind you of your goal and keep it in mind so that it motivates you to work towards your goal and gets you working on it.

Tip number 3 is be social. What I mean by this is that a lot of you are probably running by yourself. I do the same thing. But there are a lot of people online that you can share your accomplishments with or see how they are doing with their training. The running app Strava has a social media element where you can share your runs, you can join groups and get likes from other runners or ‘kudos’ in this case. Other social media like Facebook have lots of running groups for you to share your accomplishments and get motivated by fellow runners.

running log book

Tip number 4 is log your runs. Make a log and write down how you did. The distance you ran, how long it took, your pace, how you felt, anything you can think of that could be useful to you, put it in your log. For one, this might motivate you cause you will want to add things to your log, but more importantly when you have been running for a while you will have something to look back on and see the progress you’ve made. And there is nothing more motivating than seeing that something is working, that you are getting better, stronger, healthier and are working towards your goal. This will motivate you to keep doing what you’re doing and continue to get out there.

Tip number 5 is running movies. Now did I just advice you to sit on your butt and watch tv in order to get motivated? I guess I did. Watching other people do what you want to do can be a great motivator. So films about running or Youtube channels about running. Things that will teach you to become a better runner will motivate you to get out there. If you need some good tips on running movies I have a post with a Top 10 running movies, so check that one out and pick one from there.

Tip number 6 is positive thinking. We tend to focus on the bad side of things a lot to give us excuses to not do something. It’s cold out, it’s too hot out, I’m too busy, I want to sleep more. Whatever the excuse is, most of the time it comes from focusing on a negative thought and projecting this on your running. So we need to reverse that. And even if in some cases this might feel like you’re fooling yourself, just do it and you will see that it will change your attitude. When it’s cold out that gives you a chance to run in your winter gear and you won’t be burned out because of the heat so you can probably run longer. When you’re too busy don’t focus on the precious time it will cost you to go running, focus on how energised you’ll feel to do other things once you’ve been running. Once you focus on the positive and link running in your head to positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts it’s going to get easier to get out there running.

running buddy

Tip number 7. If you have a hard time to be disciplined and to get out there it might help you to get a running buddy, this will push you a bit more to actually stick to your running schedule when you have some accountability.

Tip number 8. Sign up for races. Find races that have a distance that fit in your running schedule and sign up for them. It will give you a goal to work towards and most of them are a lot of fun to do. If there are no in person races, Virtual races can also be a great motivator. Set a date to do your run, make it a special run for yourself by changing the location you run at or by wearing the bib for the virtual run and celebrate your medal by posting a photo online.

Tip number 9. Music can be a great motivator, listening to some great upbeat tunes can keep you moving forward and make your run a lot easier. And when you enjoy your run you are more likely to repeat it.

And tip number 10 is to change your running route for your training runs. When you’re always running the same stretch in the same area, your runs might get boring. When you find new areas to run in it can keep you motivated to go out and discover new things.


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