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Top 10 Best Running Movies

As runners we are always looking for motivation, ways to learn about running or just enjoy the achievements of other runners. A good way to do this is through movies. So let’s look at some really great movies about running that capture the sport and the heart of runners. In what is my top 10 of the best Running movies.

Forrest Gump

We will start the list at number 10 with in my opinion probably the best movie on the list, but since it’s not really a movie about running it comes in at 10. Forrest Gump is not about running, but it does play a big part in the movie and these are probably the most memorable parts of the film. It is probably the most quoted movie in running so it had to be on the list.

The Running Man

At number 9 we have Stephen King’s ‘The Running Man’, as a big Arnold Schwarzenegger fan this movie couldn’t be missed on the list. A great 80’s action movie with all the ingredients, a bad guy to hate, over the top villains, a great hero, lots of running and of course the one-liners.

Chariots of fire

Number 8 is ‘Chariots of Fire’. This movie follows a couple of college runners that compete in running events but also struggle with race and religion issues that play a part in their sport. The music by Vangelis and the scene of the runners on the beach at the beginning of the movie are just unforgettable and are sure to leave an impression for anybody that watches this film.

At number 7 is another movie that is not about running as a sport, but running sure is what drives this German movie. Run Lola Run, or the German title Lola Rennt. A great story and a Wonderfull way of telling it in this action packed adrenaline rush. And it’s only a foreign language film if you’re not German.

The Jericho Mile blu ray

At 6 we have ‘The Jericho Mile’.

There are a lot of movies about prisons where the prisoners are made to compete in a sport they were good at on the outside. Most of the time that’s football or death racing in cars, this is such a movie, but about running. Even though this 1979 movie is a bit dated, it’s still a great movie and a great inspiration.

1 Mile to you

Number 5 is reserved for ‘1 mile to you’. This film is about a high school runner who loses all his friends in a bus accident and has to cope with his loss while training with his new coach. A great movie about perseverance with a wonderful arch of how the leading character changes, learns and betters himself with the help of people around him.

Saint Ralph

In at number 4 is the movie ‘Saint Ralph’. A film about a little boy who wants to run and perform a miracle by winning the Boston Marathon. A great motivational story with a main character that you just can’t help rooting for to do the impossible.

Prefonaine Movie

Down to the top 3, with at number 3 ‘Prefontaine

A truly inspirational movie about Olympic runner Steve Prefontaine. It follows the carrier of Prefontaine, played by Jared Leto. His training and struggle to get to the infamous 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. I thought this movie was very impressive.

Race - Jesse Owens Movie

At number 2 it’s ‘Race’ a great story about Jesse Owens and his road to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. We see how he struggles with issues like nazi Germany and race discrimination even when he’s a top level athlete.

McFarland USA

And at number 1 a movie that is based on a true story about Coach Jim White who trains a group of high school students to become one of the best cross-country teams. Mcfarland, USA, A great movie full of life lessons with Kevin Costner in the role of Coach White.

Personally I love all the movies on this list. I think most of them can really boost your motivation if you’re looking for some for your run training. If you want to see some clips of the movies you can check the video below where I list the same movies in a video.


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