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More Great Run Documentaries

Watching other people run and set goals that seem incredible can be very motivating. In these 10 documentaries we see some fantastic runners. In no particular order these run documentaries are all a great watch and an amazing inspiration for your own run training.

Unbreakable Western States 100

Unbreakable Western states 100

In this remarkable documentary we follow four amazing trail runners that each are undefeated at ultra marathons. They compete in the Western States 100 mile race, which is an incredibly tough race through the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

We see how the runners prepare for the race as we are introduced to all of them. As theeir anticipation for the race grows, so does the viewer’s to get the race started. 400 runners, with 4 undefeated champions, but only one can win this race.

Desert Runners

Desert Runners

Another ultramarathon, but not just any ultramarathon, this could arguably be the toughest race out there. 5 Desert runs of about 150 miles each to run in the same year as part of a special challenge. We follow along a diverse group of runners who all have set out to run this challenge. An amazingly inspiring movie that shows how far some people are willing to go for their sport.

Marathon Boy

Marathon Boy

The documentary Marathon Boy follows four-year-old runner Budhia. The young boy, rescued from the slums by Biranchi Das, discovers a talent for running. Beloved by the people and seen as a hero, the boy wants to run in big races. Controversy and politics come in to play and give a different direction to this very interesting documentary.

Run the line

run the line

This short documentary I came across on YouTube and was totally blown away by. Beau Miles lives win Australia in an area where 60 years ago there used to be an old rail line. Parts of the line are still there and he decides to follow along the line and run it end to end. Beau’s story’s and things he encounters on his trail kept me pinned to my seat. That and the amazing cinematography make for an amazing watch.

Free to Run

Free to run

This documentary takes us into some history of running. Hard to believe that as little back as the 1960’s running was a very different sport. Only a few male elite runners were able to compete. Here is a history lesson that shows what had to happen to the sport to get it to be as popular as it is now all over the world.

Running for Good

running for good

A documentary about Fiona Oakes, who set out to run the Marathon des Sables to help raise money for her animal sanctuary. A wonderful look in to what can drive somebody to achieve the impossible.

Ultra Marathon Man

Ultramarathon man

We follow Dean Karnazes who is an ultra marathon runner, but that is not what this documentary is about. Dean set out to run 50 marathons in 50 States in 50 days. This captivating documentary follows the charismatic runner as he runs and travels around the States every day. An inspiration for so many runners that he gets hundreds of people to run these runs with him.

Found on 49

Found on 49

In the documentary Found on 49 - the story of Jim Walmsley, we follow another Ultra Marathon runner as he sets out to run his first 100 miler. He is determined to win his race as he attempts this at the Western States 100. If you watch the documentary Unbreakable Western States 100 first, you’ll get a good feeling for what the race is and it will give you a better idea what Jim achieves in this film. Since it is more about following him then about the race or the course, but a great documentary of under an hour that you can just find on YouTube.

Running the Sahara

running the Sahara

In Running the Sahara we follow 3 runners who have set out their own challenge to run across the Sahara dessert in Africa. They set out an expedition that they hope to finish in 90 days of running through the sand. As you can imagine this will present it’s challenges and even if you have no desire to ever achieve something like this, it is a very motivational film to watch.

Gun to Tape

Gun to tape

The documentary Gun to Tape follows 2 Kenyan world record runners, David Rudisha and Edna Kiplagat as they train and try to obtain a spot in the 2012 Olympics. We see the conditions under which they live and train and the sacrifices they make to push themselves to achieve their goals.

Every single one of these documentaries is an inspiration, if you’d like to see more like this and missed the first post with Great Run Documentaries you can find it here.

If you'd like to see some clips of all the movies I mentioned here you can also check the video down below.


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