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10 Reasons why you should Run in the morning

10 reasons why you should run in the morning

Running is a great exercise and in order to stay in shape or to be able to run that race you want to run or to lose some weight, whatever your reason is for running, you need to go out there and put in your runs. Here are 10 reasons why you should get your run in first thing in the morning.

1 - It improves your Energy for the day

A morning run can get you off to a great start of the day. You may start out slow and against your will when you get out of bed and have to get out there on your run, but the run will give you energy and will have you ready for everything else you need to do that day. You will have endorphins and adrenaline flowing through your body and it sets you up for a great day.

2 - Get your Metabolism going

Your run will cost energy and your body will want to refuel that energy, so when you eat your breakfast after your run it will use it as energy instead of storing it as fat. When you have a good workout in the morning your body will work the rest of the day to burn energy by building up muscle tissue.

3 - Better Mental Health

better mental heath with morning run

Running can be very relaxing too. Going out for a run, enjoying the surroundings, being away from your otherwise hectic life for a moment can be a very peaceful experience. Starting out your day this way can put your mindset in the right place to deal with everything else the rest of the day.

4 - Easier to stick to your Plan

During the day you always have a million things going on and chances are that run that you planned after work or in-between the errands you have to run and dinner, might not go as planned and a lot of times you might end up skipping that run, because you don’t have time. When you get your run in in the morning it’s easier to stick to it, get it done and then attack everything else you have to do that day.

5 - Sleep better

morning run is good for sleep

Studies have shown that people who run or work out in the morning spend more time in a deep sleep than those who work out in the afternoon or evening. Plus having a good routine will help you with your sleep as well, so once you get in the habit of running in the morning you will start to get tired in the evening and your sleep will improve.

6 - More strength

Studies have also linked running in the morning to better and developed muscle strength which helps reduce the chances of osteoarthritis

7 - Lower Blood Pressure

Any workout is good for reducing your blood pressure, but studies have shown that morning workouts contribute to a dip in nighttime diastolic blood pressure for a group of pre-hypertensive subjects, reducing the stress on their cardiovascular systems.

8 - Better Focus

When you go out for an early morning run your brain is forced to focus on the run, your surroundings , traffic and anything you may encounter. Once you are done with your run this will continue after being triggered during your exercise. Studies have shown that your run activates the prefrontal and occipital cortexes. These are the parts of the brain that are associated with ‘executive control’, they help you regulate your emotions and mage the processes to achieve your goals. So your run helps you stay focussed.

9 - The Best Weather

For some reason the weather is just always better in the morning. During the summer, instead of going out during the day when it’s burning hot outside, you can go for a run when it is still cool. But also during the fall or winter, for some reason most days the morning holds better weather than the rest of the day.

10 - The surroundings

morning run fox spotted

When you run early in the morning there is less traffic and there are less people around. This could make your run much more relaxed. Also when you are running in nature and you are early enough you might catch a glimpse of some wildlife you otherwise wouldn’t encounter later in the day.

Now of course any time of day is great for running and has it’s benefits and we are not all in the situation where it’s possible to go out in the morning. But if you are and you are looking for a change in your training. Try going for a run in the morning, the benefits are clearly there and who knows, you might just enjoy it.


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