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10 Reasons why Running is Good for You

10 reasons why running is good for you

Sometimes we struggle with why we should go running, maybe you want to start running and you wonder what the benefits are or you’ve heard people say that running is bad for your health. Well here are 10 reasons why you should go running.

1 - Running improves your heart health

I’ve heard people say that your heart has a certain amount of beats and once it’s done, you’re done, so when you run, you use more heart beats and you will die sooner. Sounds very logical. If you were a robot. But the heart is a muscle and like any muscle it can be trained and grow stronger. With as little as a five minute run every day you can already lower your risk off cardiovascular disease. Studies show that runners have 27% lower risk of early death and a 30% lower risk of death from cardiovascular problems.

running is good for the joints

2 - Good for the joints

I was always told and until recently believed it to be true, that running is bad for your joints. But as it turns out runners are actually less likely to develop joint problems. The biggest reason for this is that runners are most likely fit and carry less weight, thereby reducing the amount of strain on the joints.

3 - Better Mental Health

Running gives you the time alone that you might need. It gives you time to reflect and de-stress. It can help with your self worth as you go out to achieve something and better something in your life by working on your goal. It can give you that little boost knowing that you have the discipline it takes to go out there on your run.

running to lose weight

4 - Running burns calories

Going for a run is a great way to lose some weight and burn some extra calories. It’s an easy exercise to do if you are a beginner and looking to get yourself in to shape.

5 - Running improves your immunity

When you go for a moderate run it can have a positive influence on your immune system. Modest exercise will improve your immunity, but long endurance efforts can actually decrease your immunity, until you have fully recovered from your run.

6 - Running is good for the Brain

Running raises the heart rate and the blood flow to the brain. A recent study has linked this to improving health by stimulating the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) This protein encourages the growth and survival of neurones in the brain. It has also been said to gain you protection from the kinds of brain plaques linked to cognitive decline and Alzheimers

running lowers blood pressure

7 - Running lowers your blood pressure

One of the biggest health risks people face is high blood pressure. Running has been proved to be a great way to lower your blood pressure. Recent studies have shown that high intensity interval training is the best type of exercise to lower your blood pressure.

8 - Running helps you sleep better

When you run regularly and consistently your body will fall asleep more easily and quicker. I will also improve the time and quality of your sleep.

running to meet people

9 - Running is a great way to meet great people

The running community is overall a very friendly community. By going to park runs or group runs, on social media or when going to races, there are a lot of runners out there that you can meet and perhaps build friendships with. Over the last few years I’ve met a lot of amazing people and it’s all thanks to running.

10 - Running will make you feel good

Overall you will just feel better because of running. Your self esteem will go up, cause you are able to do something, to go for something and achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Your body will feel better, cause you’re living a healthier life through running. Mentally all the benefits of running will make you feel more positive about yourself and about everything else.

Running is a beautiful thing and has so many benefits. I recently also discussed the benefits from running in the Morning, so check out what extra benefits you could get just by running in the morning. Now if this hasn’t inspired you enough to start running yet, just go if it a try, you just might enjoy it.


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