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What gear you need for Running

When you are starting out or if you’ve been running for a while you might remember what it was like when you started and you weren’t sure what to wear, what you needed and what were the best items to get.

I always thought running was a cheap sport, pair of sneakers and that was it. You all have T-shirts already, comfy pair of sport shorts and out the door. But that is not the case. So let’s look at what you’ll need to go running and I’ll give you some tips soon what items to get. Now I know not everybody’s budget is the same and specially if you are just starting you may not want to spend a fortune on gear, so I’ll give you a couple of different options.

We will start with the most obvious item, just to get it out of the way. Your shoes, you need good running shoes. Not just to perform better or run faster, but you need proper support for you feet, ankles and knees, so good shoes are importan. Everybody’s feet are different so the best thing to do is to find a running store where they can scan your feet so they can tell you what type of shoes is best for you.

Adidas Solar Boost

If you’re on a budget you could try the Asics Gel Contend 5, it’s a great durable running shoe and you can probably pick it up for under $60. My personal favourite at the moment is still the Adidas Solar Boost. I like the cushioning of the boost and it’s probably the most comfortable running shoe I own. It’s a bit more expensive but you might be able to find some on sale sometimes.

Running socks are also very important. You don’t want to wear regular socks, even sport or tennis socks often have seems in them that might start to irritate during your run. Specially once you get to running longer distances. A great brand that I’ve used and I know a lot of runners use is Feetures, their socks are of great quality and have targeted compression in the socks that is anatomically designed, so that means there is a Left and a Right sock, just like your shoes.

X-bionic or X-socks are also socks I use a lot, but these are not that easy to find in the US market.

For my longer runs I prefer high compression socks. They help with the blood flow through your muscles, so deliver oxygen and get rid of toxins in the muscles quicker. This helps with performance during the run and with recovery after the run.

Ok, let’s talk shirts. Don’t wear cotton shirts, but this goes for all your run gear. Don’t wear cotton. When it gets wet it gets heavy, it stays wet and it’s more likely to chafe while you’re runniing. Get a tech shirt that is made from Nylon or Polyester. Now if you’re planning to run a lot of races you might end up with a lot of race shirts, so don’t feel you need to buy a lot loo shirts right of the bat.

If you want to step it up there are some great performance shirts by X-bionic that help you cool your body during those summer runs, but they do come with a price tag.

X-bionic Twice 4.0 Running Shorts

Running shorts, here too goes, no cotton. Get comfy shorts that are not too baggy and not too tight. I have a pair of Nike shorts that I really enjoy and has zipper pockets, so I bought a bunch of pairs. They don’t have to cost you too much, of course if you want some compression or shorts that can help regulate the heat like the X-bionic Twice 4.0, you’ll pay some more for it, but you get great durable shorts. By the way I’m in no way sponsored by x-bionic, I know I’ve mentioned their products a couple of times now, but I have no affiliation with them. I do have affiliate links for other products so I get a small compensation when people buy something, but that is not the reason why I recommend products. I only recommend them when I know they are great products and I enjoy using them myself. And I just happen to love using X-bionic products.

Runderwear shorts

Ok, so let’s move on to underwear, just as important as with the shorts, make sure you get something that doesn’t chafe. Look for shorts without seams. I have some great Under Armour shorts, they do have a seam in the back though. Normally that is not a problem, cause it wouldn’t bother me much there, but my running belt rubs over it so I need shorts without seams even there. And for me the X-bionic underwear does that trick, so I’m happy with those.

Another big brand that people enjoy, but I just have never tried myself is Runderwear, they are also seamless and specially made for runners, as the name would suggest.

The weather is not always nice and sunny, so we need gear that will protect us from the elements and cold. Long sleeved running shirts are an option. For me I like something I can zip up, so when it gets too warm I can zip it down a bit. Something waterproof that is light, most brands have their version of a running jacket. Just make sure it’s comfy and not too loose. Same thing goes for long running pants. I have different brands of pants and all of them are not too loose and of a stretchy material, so there is no chafing and they keep me nice and warm in the winter. For rain I have special pants that keep the moisture out.

Flipbelt running belt

I menttioned it before, I run with a running belt. One of my most used and favourite items is the Flipbelt. We all have stuff to bring with us, wether it’s just your phone and keys or if it’s extra camera batteries for your GoPro, it all fits in the Flipbelt and you hardly even notice you are wearing it, so in my opinion a must have for runners.

Most of us want to see how we do and how we improve so a great way to do this is with a sports watch. There are so many different stats that you can get. If you just want to know the distance and time you ran, just using you phone and an app like Strava would probably work for you.

Fitbit Charge 4 is a nice small device that collects some more data and has a 7 day battery life, so you don’t have to charge it constantly.

I use an Apple Watch to check how I’m doing during the run. And if you want to take it even a step further you could get a Stryd pod and see how much Power you’re using during your run and get a plethora of statistics afterwards in their app.

There are plenty of other gadgets and cool gear that you could use for your running, but these are the basics you will need to get out the door. If you’re just starting, keep it simple and when you think you want to step it up you can invest in some better gear and treat yourself. New gear works as a great motivator to keep running, so also a great excuse to get yourself something nice.


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