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Sweatcoin - Getting paid to run Update

sweatcoin getting paid for running

A little while ago I wrote a blog about getting paid for running with a free app on your phone called Sweatcoin. Lately there have been some significant updates which makes earning sweat coins even easier, so let’s look at those updates and see what my progress is so far.

Ok, for those of you not familiar with Sweatcoin I’ll explain real quick. Sweatcoin is an app that you download on your phone and runs in the background, don’t worry, it doesn’t drain your battery or anything. You give it permission to track your steps and for every 1000 steps you take you receive 1 sweatcoin. You save up these fictitious coins in your account and eventually exchange them for goods or services.

Now the biggest change this year was that you can now use Sweatcoin indoors as well as outdoors. Before only your steps outside counted, but now you can do treadmill runs or even just the walking you do at work goes towards your sweat coins. So that is a huge update and makes collecting more sweat coins even easier.

Sweat coin getting paid for running

Another change and a way to earn more coins is by watching ads. There are 3 chances per day to earn more by watching ads. The first one is always open at the start of the day, the second you have to earn by walking 500 steps and the third one opens after another 500 steps. The rewards for this have recently changed and can be anywhere between 0 and 1000 sweat coins. Most of the time it’s 0.60, 1 or 2 sweat coins, but I’ve had as much as 100 coins by watching one ad.

getting paid for running

Another thing that can speed up your collecting is the 20 minute double bonus. Every day you can turn on the 2x boost and all the steps you take for the next 20 minutes will count double. So when you turn this on when you go on your run this can really add up quick.

Now to use the app is free and you can collect 5 sweat coins per day, but you can upgrade. It still won’t cost you anything, just sweat coins. For 4.75 sweat coins per month you will have a ‘Shaker’ account and you can earn 10 sweat coins per day. When you pay 20 sweat coins per month you’re a Quaker and can earn 15 sweat coins per day. Being a Breaker will cost you 30 coins per moth, but you can earn 20 coins per day. And now there is a new level which is Trouble Maker, this is the only one that will cost you actual money. It’s .99 cents a month (that’s in euro’s, so when you have a US account that might be slightly different) As a Trouble Maker you can earn up to 50 coins per day and every sweat coin counts double, so for 1000 steps you earn 2 sweat coins.

So what can you spend your coins on?

travel to Disney world for free with sweatcoin

Well this keeps changing too. There are always smaller things that you can get like discounts on items or you can even use your sweat coins to donate to a good cause, but I’m trying to hold on for the bigger items and save up. It used to be that you could get $1000 for 20.000 sweat coins, but that option is not there anymore at the moment. There are some high priced items like a TV or a GoPro Hero 7 for 20.000 coins and they have some trips they offer where you get to go to Disney World or to Paris for 25.000 coins.

Now the question is how long do these offers stay on there and will they continue to have big items like this now that it will be easier to obtain the sweat coins. I know the biggest draw for me are the bigger items and being able to safe up for those, but they seem limited and now that they’ll get more attainable to more people I wonder if they will continue to have the bigger items in the long run or if they might end up raising the prices on those items.

So where am I at with my sweat coin collecting?

Well the last update I did was in August of 2019 and I was up to 2323 sweat coins. I was training for a marathon after that so it was adding up nicely, but then 2020 hit and between lockdown and injuries there has been a lot less running than I had planned. Luckily they started counting walking indoors as well, so that helped a bit and got me to 5585 right now (December 2020). Which is not as high as I wanted it to be, but for the little amount of running I’ve done it’s not that bad.

With the new updates I actually see some great potential to grow this a lot faster and reach the goal of 20.000, which now will probably be 25.000, a lot faster than I thought. And yeah, in order to be able to safe the fastest way it will actually cost you money. But $12 in a year if that means you will end up with a free trip or a TV, is not a bad trade off I think.

There is one more way to earn extra sweat coins and that is by getting other people to join. For everybody that signs up through you, you get 5 sweat coins. So if you want to sign up use this link, that will give me 5 extra coins and once you’re signed up you can do the same.

Now in no way is Sweatcoin a quick way to get paid, but you are saving up doing something you are already doing or it might even motivate you to do a little extra. You don’t have to watch ads if you don’t want, it just speeds things up a little bit. But you can have it run in the background and in a few years just have it be a nice amount on there that you can exchange for something cool. So check it out for yourself right here and start running.


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