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Misconceptions of Strength Training for Runners

misconceptions of strength training for Runners

I still hear some runners remarking that they don't want to do Strength Training, because they don't want to build muscle, they just want to run more. They somehow have the misconception that Strength Training is about bulking up, so let me set that straight once and for all.

strength training for runners

The Strength Training that you should be doing as a runner is nothing like pushing a ton of weights in the air or lifting a bung of iron bars to pump up your muscles. It's about making the your body stronger for running. Running is a fairly simple sport to take part in, but it can be a lot of strain on your body, especially once you are trying to go longer distances, run faster or are going out running more.

First of all you should look at the strength training as a way of making your joints, tendons and muscles stronger to prevent injury. In order to withstand the pressure of longer, faster and more running, you need to be stronger and be prepared. So the strength training will help you to be able to do those things and prepare you for doing more and better things in the future.

running better with strength training

Second, if you want to run longer, run faster and run more, you will need muscles that will take you there. In order to run faster you can train specific muscles that can help you to run faster or in a faster way. By doing strength training you can train muscles to be able to withstand the pressure of running longer and more often.

So strength training is not just to get your body looking toned, it's to actually make your body better for running. So put in some time for strength training if you are looking to improve on your running.


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