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Getting paid to Run

Getting paid for running

If you are going out running or even just going for walks, wouldn't it be nice if you would get paid to do so? Now you can be! You don't have to get a sponsor or be an Olympic athlete, all you need is your smart phone.


The app you need to download is called Sweatcoin, it's a free app to use that will run on the background of your phone. Don't worry about your battery, it hardly affects it. The app counts all the steps you take. It used to be only the steps outdoors, but it has been updated to also work with the steps you take indoors. With your steps you collect Sweatcoins that you can use like coupons for items or services or you can safe up a large amount to exchange for a 75" TV or a flight ticket.

Sweatcoin app

There are a couple of ways to collect your Sweatcoins, but most of them will be coming from you being active and going for a run or a walk.

Another way besides running to get Sweatcoins is to watch an ad on the app every day. Every day you get 3 chances to get extra Sweatcoins by watching an ad. You will have to take 1000 steps to unlock the second ad and another 1000 steps to unlock the third. The amount of Sweatcoins you get is different every time, but can sometimes quickly add up. The ads are short and is an easy way to get more Sweatcoins when you watch them. Of course this is what Sweatcoin wants you to do, since that is how they make their money.

So is it worth getting the app? Does it work? Or is it just a hassle?

The app runs in the background on your phone, it doesn’t really affect the battery life, so there is no real hassle to it. I use the app to look at the ads to get extra sweat coins, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.

I think it is definitely worth it, it costs you hardly any effort to use it and over time it can add up to something that you basically get for free. Now it does take a long time to get a huge amount of Sweatcoins and at this rate I'm going at the moment it might take 8 years to get up to those 20000 Sweatcoins you need for a 75" TV, but even if that is the case, getting a free TV for something I’m already doing anyways and just having the app on the phone while doing it seems like a pretty good deal to me.

There is one more way to earn coins and that is to refer a friend, for every friend that signs up you get 5 coins. So if you’re thinking about using Sweatcoin, use the this link right here, that way I earn more coins and you can start earning yours by going running.


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